I live for the smiles, the laughter and the happy tears...


Meet Martine

Welcome! I’m so glad that you’re here.

I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer currently based in Chicago and available for travel worldwide. I’m also a wife to a loving man, a mom to a beautiful daughter and a devout woman of faith.

Being a photographer was never in my plans – I actually wanted to be lawyer growing up. I have always loved photography but never did I imagine that I would actually pursue it until I received my first DSLR camera from my husband. At that time, I began shooting a lot more and began to quickly realize that it was no longer a hobby but a passion that I had to pursue.

Every time I pick up my camera, it gives me a sense of freedom to be able to capture any story at any time. Whether it’s capturing a beautiful love story or a special milestone, I find joy in helping people create memories that will be cherished forever. I live for the smiles, the laughter and the happy tears that they shed as they go through their images for the first time and are reminded of that special day in their lives.

I would love to hear your story! Let’s connect and talk about how we can capture those special moments!


"At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories.
So make sure you give it, and make sure you make them.”

– Trent Shelton

Fun Facts

  • I’m Canadian and speak French fluently
  • I played the piano for 15 years before I moved for college
  • I direct the youth choir at my church

My Obsessions

  • Travelling 
  • Anything coconut 
  • Leopard print